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“International youth creative camp ” Romanca, Slatina, 1-10 August, 2011

“International youth creative camp ” first edition, Slatina, 2011 is organized by Cultural Association Center Inter Art. Romania International Art Center in partnership with Slatina City Hall , with financial support of Ministry of culture and National Heritage and with the kind the support of Romanca Society UK and Asociatia de Tineret Ro Madrid Cultural Club.

The camp has the role to meet young artists (painters) from Romania, UK and Spain. They could exchange ideas or current art but in the same time, they have the possibility to make an exhibition with works that represents historical center of Slatina (Lipscani Street). This project offers young generations of artists, great possibilities, but in the same time it promotes Romanian contemporary art, international.
The camp creative “International youth creative camp” addresses young artists, with ages 18 – 35 years.
The camp will take place in Slatina, Olt District, during 1-10 August 2011.
The camp theme is architecture. The youth artists will make paintings with houses historical monuments from Lipscani Street.
Organizers provide internal transport (in Romania), accommodation and meals for invited participants. The participants will support the international transport.
Each participant will receive the necessary materials (except easels) and five canvases to make paintings. Each artist will donate two paintings to Slatina City Hall and one to cultural Association Center Inter Art. Romania International Art Center. The paintings will be kept in the archives of the both institutions and will be made an exhibition – debate about the architecture of the houses build on the Lipscani Street.
The authors will sign their paintings donated and the organizers might reproduce the picture, with the authors’ written consent, because they want to promote the project in mass – media, to publish these pictures in a print and / or digital catalog and the organizers want to promote the pictures in exhibitions in our country or abroad.
The artists from this camp creative will receive diplomas.

Please see below the schedule of the camp.

Please contact Ionela Flood if you are interested to take part in this exciting opportunity.

Ionela Flood
Chair -Romanca Society
Phone UK: 00 44 (0)20 77 36 86 68
Mobile UK: 00 44 (0)75 15 25 35 84
Mobile RO: 0040 730 268 338
Skype: ionelaflood
Mssg ID: ionelaella


“International youth creative camp”

First edition, Slatina, 1 - 10 August 2011

01 August 2011

Hour 08 - 11: the arrival of participants

12: official opening of camps

Press conference about what will happening during the camp creative
Promoting activity, leaflets and promotional materials.
Location : cultural Center “Eugen Ionescu” Slatina

13 – 14: accommodation of participants

14 – 15: lunch

15 – 17: the time camp

17 – 20: workshop, : camp presentation goals and objectives; field works where you find the locations for the activities

Location: Cultural Center “Eugen Ionescu” Slatina, Lipscani Street from Slatina, Gradistea Hill.

20.30 – 21. 30: dinner

21.30: free time

02 August 2011- 08 August 2011

8 – 9: breakfast

9.30 – 13.30: the work on the Lpscani Street

14 – 15: lunch

15 - 16.30: free time

17 – 20: work on the Lpscani Street

20.30 – 21. 30: dinner

09 August 2011

8 – 9: breakfast

9- 13.30: go to Art Museum Craiova for visiting the place where Brancusi worked; the meeting with the art critic Florin Rogneanu, the director of Art Museum Craiova

14 – 15: lunch

15.30 – 16. 30: press conference , presents the results amp

16. 30 – free time, visit Slatina City

20.30 – 21.30: dinner

10 august 2011

8 – 9: breakfast

9 – 13: go to Boian Plain Museum , visit neolith village Gumelnita

13. 30 – 14. 30: lunch

14.30 - 15.30: free time

15.30: the donation of works made by the participants to the organizers according to camp rules

- the balance of work activity done in the camp

- the close of the camp

- the departure of the participants

Location: Cultural Center “ Eugen Ionescu”

Note: during the camp will be organized cultural events in The Cultural Center “Eugen Ionescu” Slatina ( literary evenings, watching movies, folk music etc.

Contacts in Romania :

George Smarandache, telefon (+40)0741046644

e-mail: sau

Ciurea Valeru, telefon (+40)0742065379

e-mail: sau